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Our yoga teachers have years of practice and have studied yoga and spirituality since their childhood from deemed Yoga universities. They are willing to assist you and help you gain more experience and knowledge of yoga, so you can become a teacher and follow the same tradition. Please take some time to know about our yoga teachers in Rishikesh and please feel free to contact us for more details about our teachers as we believe in transparency and not hiding anything from our prospective yoga students. Here are our teachers and those who want to join us as a Yoga teacher and share our aim and efforts.. we welcome you with open arms..

The teaching team endeavors to create a supportive and nurturing environment that will enable students to find true health along with a deeper spiritual awareness. Our aim is to create a sensitive, safe and spiritual space where each individual is free to express and explore themselves without expectation or judgment.

Hatha yoga, Astanga Vinyasa & Certified Ayurvedic healer

Yogi Sanjeev Semwal

Yogi Rohit



Dr. Sumit


Yogi Mohit ji

Volunteer Teacher

Yogi Sachin Ji

Ayurveda Doctor

Dr. Satinder Ji

Guest Teacher

Volunteer Teacher

Yogi Gopal Ji


Ankit Ji

Guest Philosophy Teacher

Vedant Ji

Guest Philosophy Teacher

Rohit Chaube Ji

Guest Hatha Yoga Teacher

Yogi Sushant Ji

Head Chef

Sanju Ji

Chef (Kitchen)

Sumit Ji

Kitchen staff

Ankash Ji


Sandeep Ji

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